About us

About Me:

I am

  • Ms. V. R. Burton, professionally
  • MsBisOnline in the Twittersphere
  • Miss B. to my students
  • and Mom to my kids

I have been blogging, wikiing, and tweeting for several years now and I am bringing my students (sometimes kicking and screaming) online with me.

About my students:

  • They are digital natives who use Twitter and Facebook regularly but do not always like to blog and wiki.
  • Each of my kids is different and unique.  They have their own strengths and weaknesses. 

They are


They are all different and they all need different things. 

This blog contains a collection of their work.   These ePortfolios are from my Freshman English/Composition Class. 

They are not all perfect; but, their work deserves to be celebrated.


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